Resize OVM Repository on the fly

A quick three step process for resizing your repositories (increase only- no shrinking).


  1. resize LUN on your storage array
  2. rescan physical disks on each OVM server and verify the new LUN size is reflected
  3. log into each OVM server and run the following command against your repository LUN

# tunefs.ocfs2 -S /dev/mapper/{UUID of repository LUN}

NOTE: you can get the path needed for the command above from OVM Manager.  Highlight the repository and select the info perspective.  It will show you the path right on that screen!

Once you run the command above- go back into OVM Manager and verify that your repository has resized.  I’ve tested this process in my sandbox lab running OVM 3.3.2 however be careful and test in your environment before doing this to production.

The maximum OCFS2 volume size is 64T.  I don’t know if that means that’s the maximum repository size but I don’t see anything contrary to that so far so I’m going with it for now.


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