My oakcli deploy command failed… do I have to restart?

I was in the process of deploying the database in ODA_BASE on our virtualized X5 ODA today when step 9 failed for DNS resolution issues- I had fat fingered the hostname in DNS. Instead of starting the whole process over, I simply used the command. It’s located at /opt/oracle/oak/onecmd/ and you can use it to resume the deploy command. Granted, step 9 isn’t all that far into the process, but if you were on step 16 for example- it could come in handy!

Here’s the format and some useful bits of information to know:

[root@CIT-X5ODA-ODABASE-NODE0 onecmd]# ./ -h
Usage: -l [options] -s | -r [options] -v

-l List all the steps that exist
-s Run the step # at a time
-r Run the steps one after the other as long as no errors
are encountered
-d Debug. You will be prompted to enter Y at some
particular steps.
-o VM env run
-n Ignore errors whenever needed
-h Usage
-v Display the version number

EXAMPLES: -l -s 0 -r 1-19
[root@CIT-X5ODA-ODABASE-NODE0 onecmd]#

Depending on whether you’re running this in a virtualized environment or not will make a difference. You have to specify the -o option if you’re virtualized or the command won’t work. Since you have to specify the starting and ending step number, it comes in handy to know what all the step numbers are and what they do. Here’s how to get that info:

[root@CIT-X5ODA-ODABASE-NODE0 onecmd]# ./ -o -l
INFO : Logging all actions in /dev/null and traces in /dev/null
INFO : Loading configuration file /opt/oracle/oak/onecmd/onecommand.params...
The steps in order are...
Step 0 = ValidateParamFile
Step 1 = SetupNetwork
Step 2 = WriteNodelists
Step 3 = SetupSSHroot
Step 4 = SetupDNS
Step 5 = UpdateEtcHosts
Step 6 = SetTimezone
Step 7 = SetupNTP
Step 8 = SetupILOM
Step 9 = ValidateEnv
Step 10 = CreateUsers
Step 11 = SetupStorage
Step 12 = SetupSSHusers
Step 13 = InstallGIClone
Step 14 = RunGIClonePl
Step 15 = RunRootScripts
Step 16 = GIConfigAssists
Step 17 = CreateASMDiskgroups
Step 18 = InstallDBClone
Step 19 = RunDBClonePl
Step 20 = DbcaDB
Step 21 = SetupACFS
Step 22 = SetupASR
Step 23 = ResecureMachine
[root@CIT-X5ODA-ODABASE-NODE0 onecmd]#

Hopefully this tidbit of information helps someone. Also observe that the hostname is already configured when I ran to resume the deployment and it isn’t the default of “test” anymore. This is because oakcli deploy had gotten to step 9 which by that time had set the host and IP information. Normally if you were to run this from step 0 (not sure if you can do this but I may be testing it), the hostname would still be set to the default “test”. Just something to be aware of.

I was pulling my hair out looking for the command as a subset of oakcli deploy. I knew the ability existed I just didn’t know the command until a coworker reminded me of the command. Thanks Dave!!


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