Pams (125)

My wife Pam and I live in Cottage Grove, MN and got married in December 2012. Between the two of us we have 6 children (Liam, William, Tyler, Tia, Gavin and Jake).  5 of our 6 kids still live with us so it’s a daily adventure keeping all of them out of trouble! Pam and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to France, Italy and Mexico in the last couple years and look forward to doing so again very soon. Our kids are active in Basketball, Lacrosse and of course any form of electronic games.

I’ve been in the IT field since 1991. I got my start at a direct marketing company called Dynamark, which was purchased by Fair Isaac in 1992. I was a print operator and worked with large sheet and roll fed laser printers. I also helped out in the computer room which is where I caught the bug. I’ve always been a self starter, teaching myself new technologies and continuing to learn as I go.

Shortly after that I went to work for Xerox Business Services and eventually found myself in the role of a SUN Systems Administrator. Ahh my first exposure to UNIX! From there, I taught myself Solaris, shell scripting and C/C+ programming. As I continued my career as a UNIX Systems Administrator, I found myself driving HP-UX, Tru64, AIX and Linux in addition to Solaris.

When I came to work for my current employer Collier IT, I had mainly been working for larger companies (IBM, XEROX and Unisys to name a few). It was a breath of fresh air working for a small company, although it took me a bit to adjust to so many new responsibilities. The flexibility I found in learning new things was and still is a very cool part of working where I do. I’ve expanded into virtualization since then and now hold multiple certifications in VMware and Oracle technologies. I also taught classes for a few years but found that it wasn’t really my thing.

I enjoy watching numerous TV shows such as The Walking Dead, Under the Dome and a few others. I also have a 174 bowling average however I’ve not bowled on a league since 2012. I also enjoy online gaming and LAN parties when I can make them.

If you ever have a question or just want to chat, drop me a line at esteed@comcast.net.


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